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Self Guided Walking Tour of the Venice Murals

By VenicePaparazzi.com

Picture 10

SUGGESTED ACTIVITY: Check out the “Tour of Venice Murals” on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.



TOUR OF VENICE MURALS ON THE VENICE BEACH BOARDWALK: Look for the concrete barrier that divides the parking lot and the Venice Beach Boardwalk between Navy and Rose Ave. There are images and text of current and past murals of Venice and L.A.

ABOUT: The Tour of Venice Murals was created by the Social and Public Art Resource Center, and is dedicated to the Venice Community, the muralists, and to all of you who care about mural preservation. Become a member and help SPARC continue the mural legacy of Los Angeles. SPARC has been part of making Los Angeles the “Mural Capital of the World” since 1976. For more information on Sparc and how to save murals in L.A., visit http://www.sparcmurals.org. SPARC. 685 Venice Blvd. Veice, CA 90291 30.833.9560.

Click here to to view image of the tour as well as Venice murals images found scattered in Venice by Emily Winters, Rip Cronk, Chase and more.

Also, check out Betsy Goldman’s Venice Murals and Public Art Walking Tour. Her photos are labeled. Great work Betsy! I love your website.  www.betsysellsvenice.com


Look what I found, via Google. Thanks to the Venice Chamber of Commerce for this self guided tour. Click here for “VENICE SELF GUIDED WALKING TOUR OF MURALS AND PUBLIC ART” pdf form.


VENICE SELF GUIDED WALKING TOUR OF MURALS AND PUBLIC ART: This self-guided walking tour includes almost two dozen murals, historic and modern architecture and contemporary and controversial public art. Covering approximately three miles, the tour is on level ground and is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

SUGGESTED TIME: a leisurely three hours.



An abbreviated tour with half the walking is possible, using bus part way each way (note instructions). Free parking is available at SPARC (Social and Public Art Resource Center), 685 Venice Boulevard (310- 822-9560). The tour can also be done by bicycle or roller-skates. Bicycles and skates can be rented at the beach. This tour can be taken any day of the year. Note, however, that SPARC and the VENICE POST OFFICE with its historic mural showing Abbot Kinney, founder of Venice and his dream city Venice-of- America, are both closed on Sunday.

Begin your tour at SPARC, an historic art deco building erected in 1929 and once used as the Venice Police Station and City Jail. Enter SPARC (M-F, 10-5; Sat, 10-4) and visit the unique gallery converted from an original cellblock. Before leaving, stop in to see the folklore shop.

Leaving SPARC, turn left. Around the comer of the building are two frescoes. Unlike most murals, frescoes are painted directly into wet plaster, the ancient technique used by Michelangelo and Da Vinci, and revived in the 20th Century by the Mexican mural masters. The street-facing mural, The Fifth Sun, El Quinto Sol is public art in the life of the city. The parking lot-facing mural, City of Angels is by the fresco workshop that Vigil led in the summer of 1992.

Step next door to your right when leaving SPARC’s front door, to the Mission-style building, once Venice City Hall and now BEYOND BAROQUE. A center for literary and performing arts, poetry readings and special events, BEYOND BAROQUE also houses a unique bookstore with small press editions, used books, and other information of literary interest. There is a small gallery upstairs (T-F, 10-5, Sat, 12-5).

Leave BEYOND BAROQUE. If you wish to take a bus at this point, the stop for RTD #33 is just a few steps west (the direction you are heading after leaving SPARC) on Venice Boulevard. Or you may wish to walk west on Venice Boulevard to the next bus stop at the comer of Abbot Kinney Boulevard if you want to see Tokyo Station, described below. The #33 bus will let you off at the traffic circle by the VENICE POST OFFICE, where you will resume the walking tour.

By foot, turn right out of BEYOND BAROQUE, heading west toward the ocean along Venice Boulevard. The first traffic light you come to is Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Turn right onto Abbot Kinney Boulevard. On your right side, set in from the boulevard behind building # 1639, you will see TOKYO STATION with its Japanese-style roof. Since this is now a private dwelling, simply notice the building’s exterior. The station got its amusing name because it was built so distant from the existing city that residents said it was “almost as far away as Tokyo.”

Back on Venice Boulevard, one block past Abbot Kinney Boulevard, veer right on Grand Boulevard. This street was the original “Grand Canal”, one of Venice’s original seven miles of canals which you will see depicted in the mural in the VENICE POST OFFICE. Along Grand Boulevard note the many cottages. These were summer residences in Venice’s heyday, also visible in the POST OFFICE mural. At #517 Grand Boulevard note the folk art installation on the front lawn of the “Temple of Wisdom.”
Continue on Grand Boulevard to Windward Circle, site of the original outdoor lagoon, the heart of Abbot Kinney’s Venice-of-America. The spot where you are standing, the one undeveloped corner now used as a postal annex parking lot, was the site of Abbot Kinney’s house. Note that all the streets converging at the lagoon were originally canals. Visualize that there were boats and gondolas on these waterways.

Three buildings of note surround the circle, all designed by architect Steven Ehrlich. Opposite you across the circle is the ACE MARKETPLACE. The pulleys on the facade of the building represent the pulleys on the dredge boats used to dig the canals. Clockwise at the three o’clock position, the three story building with colonnades is the semi-reconstruction of the old Antlers Hotel. Clockwise at eight o’clock is the roller coaster building paying homage to the 1911 “Race through the Clouds,” the first roller coaster on the West Coast originally located nearby.

Continuing clockwise stands the VENICE POST OFFICE. Open every day except Sunday, its lobby features a 1941 mural by Edward Biberman entitled Kinney’s Dream. Abbot Kinney, who made his fortune in cigarettes in the 1870′s, founded the city of Venice in 1905 along the Pacific Shore in a swampy area with little population. He originally envisioned his Venice-of-America as a flourishing center for performing arts, educational activities, Italian architecture, and a network of canals recalling European Venice. Biberman’s mural depicts amusement concessions (always more popular than the cultural attractions), gondolas, and drilling rigs for the oil that was discovered a number of years after the city was founded. In the mural you will also see some of the summer cottages you passed on Grand Boulevard

Turn left out of the POST OFFICE and lead west toward the ocean on Windward Avenue. Crossing Pacific Avenue, you come to a line of original Venice colonnaded buildings with capitals designed by Italian artist/sculptor Felix Peano, replicating colonnades in Venice, Italy. At #64 Windward Avenue step out into the street to get a better view of the facade, which is the mural Hi-De-Ho and Penny Lane by Art Mortimer (1979) depicting a $64 bill with a street scene. At #52 Windward Avenue you will see the Town House, originally Menotti’s Buffet (1915), with the name still visible on the original tile floor. The 1915 murals in the basement depict landscape scenes of early Southern California, including some romanticized canal views.

Across the street at #21 Windward Avenue is the 1904 Venice Beach Hotel, a jazz club now, which in the heyday of the city, was called the St. Charles Hotel. Three murals adorn this building. The St. Charles Painting by Terry Schoonhoven (1978) on the east side is a mirror reflection of Windward Avenue toward Pacific Avenue. Lost Art by Rip Cronk (1990) on the facade is a trompe l’oeil that includes arches, windows, and bricks. Notice the lady in the upper floor window. Most visitors to Venice walk right by this mural without ever noticing it. On the hotel’s west wall is Rip Cronk’s Venice Reconstituted (1989), a parody of Botticelli. This mural shows Ocean Front Walk with familiar locals such as turbanned roller- skating musician Harry Perry, sidewalk pianist Berry “The Lion” Gordon, the artist himself on the gold wall, and the controversial Aztec Indian boy – controversial because it was the Gabrielino Indians who were native to this area, not Aztecs. This mural, sponsored by SPARC, appeared in Steve Martin’s film “L.A. Story” and in the movie “White Men Can’t Jump.” As you continue your tour up Ocean Front Walk keep your eye out for turbanned Harry Perry who is frequently seen skating along the walk with his electronic guitar.

You are now standing on Speedway. From here you can look south and see Morning Shot, the blue mural of the Doors’ rock star Jim Morrison, painted by Rip Cronk in 1991.

From the hotel, turn north on Ocean Front Walk (ocean to your left, East Coasters!). Two blocks north, turn right onto Horizon Avenue to see the mural on the north wall of the SIDEWALK CAFE by Scott Dosch (1990). Sidewalk Cafe depicts the typical activity inside this historic and very popular eating establishment.

One block further, at Westminster Avenue, look north for a good view of Venice Beach, another mural by Rip Cronk (1990) on the south-facing wall of the tall Beach House Building. In this trompe l’oeil painting the artist is spray-painting Venice across the sky.

At the next comer, Clubhouse Avenue, you see two murals side-by-side, both by Rip Cronk. Rip Tide on the left and Ocean Swell on the right (both 1990) are photorealistic depictions of waves and whitecaps, the latter accented with red and gold motifs. Behind you, on the north-facing wall of Clubhouse Avenue, is A Forest Scene by Scott Dosch (1992). Painted entirely with spray cans, this somber scene of a grove of trees was sponsored by the Venice Beach Artist Fellowship.

At the next comer, Wavecrest Avenue, enjoy the mural on the north-facing wall of the tall BEACH HOUSE BUILDING. This Rip Cronk painting, Homage to a Starry Night (1990) is a tribute to Vincent van Gogh, made to resemble his painting “Starry Night”.

Two blocks north, at #909 Ocean Front Walk, you will see the remaining portion of a classical view of the Santa Monica Bay by Terry Schoonhoven (1988) in Landscape with Musicians. Here, as with many other outdoor murals, life span is often cut short due to fading from the sun, erosion by natural elements, graffiti, or building alteration/demolition.

For a brief side trip, turn right and walk east to #17 Brooks Avenue. Here you will find the Samson mural by Tracy Lee and Arnold Vest (1991), commissioned by the owner of the building at the time the USSR was dissolving and major global transformations were occurring. On the other side of the street, at #26 Brooks Avenue, you will see two older pop art murals which mirror another mural at/ #48 Brooks Avenue up the block. This is a unique example of a single mural concept spread out over three walls several buildings apart.

At # 801 Ocean Front Walk, a block north at Park Avenue, Endangered Species, a SPARC sponsored mural by Emily Winters (1990), depicts the Venice Beach community and raises the issue of the misuse of technology.

Continue north on Ocean Front Walk. Past Paloma Avenue, you will see Charlie Chaplin’s Gingerbread Court (1913). No one knows why it is called after the famous silent film star because he never lived in Venice. What is known is that his first movie “Kid Auto Races at Venice,” was filmed in Venice in 1914.

Continue north three blocks to # 201 Ocean Front Walk. Here, at the comer of Ozone Avenue, you will find the ISRAEL LEVIN SENIOR ADULT CENTER. On its walls is the SPARC mural Marc Chagall Comes to Venice Beach by Christina Schlesinger (1991). This painting pays tribute to the Eastern European shtetl culture celebrated in Chagall’s paintings, while acknowledging Jewish contribution to Los Angeles life. The Yiddish poem at the comer was written and translated by Dora Bayrack, a much-published poet who attends the Center. The Hebrew inscription from the Torah at the other end is, fittingly for a senior center, the fifth commandment, “Honor thy father and thy mother.”

Walk east on Ozone Avenue. When you reach Pacific Avenue, turn left and walk one block north to Navy Avenue where you turn right. Continue on Navy Avenue and, straight ahead of you on the south side of the street, look up over the parking entrance to see the metal sculpture Harmonic Arch by Guy Dill. This sculpture and the building it adorns, the VENICE RENAISSANCE, date from 1989.

Continue to the comer of Main Street and turn right. As you walk south on Main Street, along the VENICE RENAISSANCE, notice the capitals on the columns along the way. These are recreations of Felix Peano’s original capitals that you saw on Windward Avenue. At the south comer of the building, perhaps best seen from diagonally across Main Street, is the Ballerina Clown by Jonathan Borofsky (1989). This sculpture is unusual, with its continually moving parts, and controversial, for its zany depiction of a ballerina with a male clown head.

You are now standing across the street from the bright red VENICE FIREHOUSE (NE comer of Main Street and Rose Avenue), the original fire company of the Venice/Ocean Park area dating from 1909. You can see the entranceway for the horse-drawn firefighting carriages.

A few steps farther east on Rose Avenue you can view the rose murals at the ROSE CAFE. This site was formerly a Gas Company dispatch office.

Return to Main Street, cross to the west side and head south to see the complex on modem buildings that used to be home to the internationally renowned Chiat/Day advertising office. Venice-based architect Frank Gehry designed the two buildings flanking the three-story Binoculars by artist Claes Oldenburg (1991). In the lens of each is a conference room. You may wish to step into the lobby to see the uniquesecurity desk which is fashioned from a sprawling natural tree trunk.

One block south, at Sunset Avenue, turn left and see the Earth Crew mural (1991) at Gold’s Gym. Be sure to see both the north and south facing walls. Full of evocative imagery, this lively spray-painted mural makes many points. But, overall, it is an urgent plea to respect Mother Nature. Return to Main Street. If you would like to end your walking tour here, you can board RTD#33 on the west side of Main Street heading south, which continues down Venice Boulevard and back to SPARC.

Once again, thanks to the Venice Chamber of Commerce for this self guided tour.



SPARC. 685 Venice Blvd. Veice, CA 90291 30.833.9560.

For more information on Sparc and how to save murals in L.A., visit http://www.sparcmurals.org.

Click here to to view image of the “Tour of Venice Murals on the Venice Beach Boardwalk”, as well as Venice murals images scattered in Venice by Emily Winters, Rip Cronk, Chase and more.

Also, check out Betsy Goldman’s Venice Murals and Public Art Walking Tour. Her photos are labeled. Great work Betsy! I love your website.  www.betsysellsvenice.com



Venice Non-Profit Organizations

Non profits

There are some great non-profit organizations servicing Venice, CA.   Support and/or volunteer! Venice Paparazzi would like to thank Amy Dewhurst and the Beachhead for this great list of Venice non-profits. www.freevenice.org


826LA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.  Our services are structured around our understanding that great leaps in learning can happen with one-on-one attention, and that strong writing skills are fundamental to future success.  With this in mind, we provide after-school tutoring, evening and weekend workshops, in-school tutoring,help for English language learners, and assistance with student publications.  All of our programs are challenging and enjoyable, and ultimately strengthen each student’s power to express ideas effectively, creatively, confidently, and in his or her individual voice.  http://www.826la.org

Abbot Kinney Memorial Library
501 S. Venice Blvd. (310) 821-1769

A Window Between Worlds (AWBW) – a nonprofit organization dedicated to using art to help end domestic violence.- Through creative expression, battered women and children gain a sense of renewal and power. (310) 396-0317 [email protected] www.awbw.org

Angels at Risk – a non-profit organization dedicated to helping teenagers and their families at risk for drug and alcohol abuse. Angels at Risk believes that when the issue of addiction is addressed very early on in life that the future of teenagers, kids and their families can be changed forever. We know that by embracing the teenager’s struggle that the entire family is given the gift to heal and grow together.
(310) 457-1421 www.angelsatrisk.com

Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center is is located in our old Venice City Hall, built 1906. The Center offers an extensive program of public readings, free workshops, a project room, bookstore, publications, and chapbook/small press archive. During our nearly forty years in Venice, we have nurtured and presented many of the best writers, artists, and poets from the West Coast, around the country, and world. The Center is unique for its combined range of activities, constantly moving back and forth between the underground and the literary and artistic establishments.
681 Venice Blvd. (310) 822-3006 [email protected] www.beyondbaroque.org

Boys & Girls Club of Venice
“Our mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring responsible citizens” (310) 390-4477. www.bgcv.org

Electric Lodge – a laboratory for artists and environmentalists. We engage our community through the visual and performing arts, innovative classes, programs and seminars, providing experiential contexts and opportunities for dialogue. The Electric Lodge is a torch bearer in the effort to stimulate public understanding and support for the creation of a sustainable worldwide eco-system.
1416 Electric Avenue (310) 306-1854 www.electriclodge.org

Food Not Bombs
“We Protest War & Serve Healthy Vegetarian Food to the Hungry”
(310) 365-0985 [email protected] www.foodnotbombs.wetnostril.net

The Fruit Gallery’s “Venice Veteran’s Day Project
Is an awesome event Honoring Our Troops here at home on Memorial Day May 25th. This is a critical time for our veterans here at home that need our help and support. Please spread the word of this project event. With the help and support of our community we can identify every veteran in this area and honor them for their service of this great country. (310) 452-3034 [email protected] www.frutigalleryvenice.com

Harvest Home – provides shelter and assistance to homeless pregnant women. As a full-programmed residential home, we equip our residents with the knowledge to make healthier life decisions; cultivate their parenting skills; and increase employability through education. Our ultimate goal is that each woman will leave the home spiritually strong, with a new-found sense of self-worth, and better prepared to support and care for herself and her child. Harvest Home is where new lives begin.
Inside Out Community Arts. (310) 452-1223 [email protected] www.theharvesthome.net

Heal The Bay
Heal the Bay is a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to making Southern California coastal waters and watersheds, including Santa Monica Bay, safe, healthy and clean. We use research, education, community action and advocacy to pursue our mission.
1-800-HEAL-BAY www.healthebay.org

Inside/Out Community Arts
Through visual and performing arts workshops, performances and festivals, our missionis to give youth from all backgrounds the tools, confidence and inspiration to make a positive difference in their communities and the world…from the inside out.
(310) 397-8820 www.InsideOutCA.org

Israel Levin Center – Meals and other forms of help for Seniors. 201 Ocean Front Walk, 396-0205.

Jessie’s Place – a non-profit corporation committed to providing assistance, food, shelter and education to disenfranchised people while building a bridge from a life of survival to one of fulfillment and choices.
(310) 398-2594 [email protected] www.jessiesplace.org

Latino Resource Organization
Provides advocacy, family life, education, HIV/AIDS services, information and referral, substance abuse services and youth services. (310) 578-6069

Lincoln Place Tenants Association
The Lincoln Place Tenants Association is composed of tenants of Lincoln Place Apartments who recognize Lincoln Place to be a prime example of high-quality affordable housing whose presence contributes to the beauty and vitality of the Venice community. We have successfully protected our tenancies and prevented developers from demolishing Lincoln Place for nearly two decades.
While the LPTA is currently focused on saving Lincoln Place from its largest threat to date, we also recognize that our struggle is part of a much larger struggle to preserve quality affordable housing. Please join us in our efforts to stave off overreaching developers by joining our demonstrations and special events, writing letters, and donating to our legal defense fund.
[email protected] www.lincolnplace.net

The Neighborhood Youth Association
1016 Pleasant View Avenue, Venice 90291
Providing full day care and after school programs for at risk youth from 2-18 since 1906
310-664-8893 www.NYAyouth.org <http://www.NYAyouth.org>

New Start
A counseling center for people whose lives are affected by unimagineable circumstances
(310) 664-1415 www.newstart-aconversation.com

Oakwood Recreation Center – To learn about programs and facilities log on to;
767 California Ave. (310) 452-7479

Pacific Resident Theatre
Based in Venice, California, Pacific Resident Theatre is a company founded by actors and dedicated to producing the classics, rarely performed plays, and the works of new writers.
(310) 822-8392 [email protected] www.pacificresidenttheatre.com

Phoenix House
It is the mission of Phoenix House to:reclaim disordered lives. Encourage individual responsibility, positive behavior, and personal growth. Strengthen families and communities. Safeguard public health. Promote a drug-free society through prevention, treatment, education and training, research, and advocacy.
(310) 392-3070 www.phoenixhouse.org

SPARC-Social and Public Art Resource Center – an arts center that produces, preserves and conducts educational programs and community based public art works.SPARC espouses public art as an organizing tool for addressing contemporary issues, fostering cross-cultural understanding and promoting civic dialogue. Working within this philosophical framework, over the last 31 years SPARC has created murals and other forms of public art in communities throughout Los Angeles and increasingly in national and international venues. (310) 822-9560 www.sparcmurals.org

Surfrider Foundation – environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education. (949) 492-8170 [email protected] [email protected] www.surfrider.org

St. Joseph Center – the agency provides a variety of emergency and ongoing programs to assist low-income and homeless individuals and families in the West Los Angeles area. Services include child care, emergency food, homeless support services, mental health services, personal
goods, services for older adults, services for veterans, and a thrift store.For more information please contact; Tiana Rideout, Volunteer Services Coordinator (310) 396-6468 x 326. [email protected] www.stjosephctr.org

St. Joseph Homeless Service Center – referrals to shelter, has pre-arranged beds with Samoshel. Services include child care, emergency food, homeless support services, mental health services, personal goods, services for older adults, services for veterans, and a thrift store.
Hampton at Rose. (310) 399-6878

St. Robert’s Center – provides emergency food, information and referral and motel vouchers for residents of Santa Monica, Venice, LAX Airport, West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Culver City areas, including Malibu, Topanga, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood and Bel Air. People who are undocumented or homeless are also eligible for assistance. (310) 392-8701. [email protected]

VENICE 2000 / H.E.L.P.E.R organization and its various innovative programs, such as Gang Intervention, Safe Passage programs, Youth Impact sessions and the Amer-I-Can program, which teaches the responsibilities of self-determination to all people, empowering those exempted from power and participation in the mainstream. (310) 823-6100. www.venice2000.org

Venice Arts mission is to ignite youths’imagination, mentor their creativity, and expand their sense of possibility through high quality, accessible media–based arts education programs; and to serve as a catalyst for people of all ages, living in low–income or underrepresented communities, to create and share personal and community stories through photography, film, and multi–media.
(310) 578-1745. [email protected] www.venice-arts.org

Venice Art Crawl  True to Venice character, this is not your average art show! This crawl is a product of the artists, not a commercial venture, so the local talent is not only involved, but roaming the streets enjoying the scene with all of you. Many artists take this time to create new murals or artwork live, and past crawls have been full of book signings, spoken word performances, live body art exhibits and plenty of DJ’d shows for visitors to enjoy.  The Venice Art Crawl is 100 percent volunteer produced and we wouldn’t be anything without you! So thanks and enjoy our shows!  As always, more information about Venice Art Crawl can be found at www.veniceartcrawl.com. Also, join our fan page Venice Art Crawl on Facebook, where you can get updates on events and find out about other happenings in the area!

Venice Arts Council
Venice is a vital hub for artistic activity in Los Angeles and the world. The Venice Arts Council celebrates and supports this tradition through preserving old roots and encouraging spirited new growth in the culture and community we cherish.
310-306-7372. [email protected]   http://www.veniceartscouncil.org

Venice Boys and Girls Club of Venice

Boys and Girls Club of Venice’s mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens. The Club is able to accomplish their mission by providing a safe haven away from negative influences; an ongoing relationship with trained, caring adult role models; constructive, supervised programs that are sensitive to the needs of youth at-risk; guidance and encouragement in educaitonal and career endeavors; postive programs that encourage strong values, self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle; a solid gang prevention and intervention initiative; a vision of life beyond adolescence; facilitation and reinforcement of a postive peer group environment; family support; and measurable outcomes. Support the Boys and Girls Club of Venice.Boys and Girls Club of Venice | 2232 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, ca 90291 | 310.390.4477 |http://www.bgcv.org

Venice Chamber of Commerce
The Venice Chamber of Commerce is a vital organization of local business leaders. Our goals are to promote and protect the local business community, to enhance the image of Venice and to stimulate networking among members … resulting in growth opportunities for all. We believe that everyone in Venice should have a voice in making Venice a better place to work and live. www.venicechamber.net

Venice Community Housing Corporation (VCHC) works to preserve the economic, racial and social diversity of Venice and the surrounding area by maximizing affordable housing and economic development opportunities and providing needed social services to the area’s low-income population.
(310) 399-4100. [email protected] www.vchcorp.org

Venice Community Service Center
The agency provides health services, mental health services and substance abuse services for people of all ages who live in the Los Angeles County area.

Venice Family Clinic – provides free, quality health care to people in need. Founded in 1970 in a borrowed storefront dental office, the Clinic has grown into the largest free clinic in the nation. Founder Phillip Rossman, MD, and co-founder Mayer B. Davidson, MD, called upon friends and colleagues to help. That spirit of volunteerism prevails today with more than 1,500 volunteers and $11.3 million in-kind contributions from hospitals, laboratories, specialty-care providers and pharmaceutical companies.
(310) 664-7532. [email protected] www.venicefamilyclinic.org

The Venice Garden & Home Tour. Saturday, May 1, 2010, 10 a.m-5 p.m.
A walking tour of 30 Venice homes- meet your neighbors
Tickets $60 in advance $70 day of benefiting the Neighborhood Youth Association’s Las Doradas Childrens Center in Venice for tickets and information: Barbara Baumann: 310-821-1857 online: www.venicegardentour.org <http://www.venicegardentour.org>

Venice Health Center – 905 Venice Blvd. – 392-8636

Venice High Alumni Associationwww.venicehighalumni.com

Venice Historical Society – Strives to increase public awareness of Venice’s irreplaceable historical, cultural and architectural resources. To gather and disseminate information for the preservation of structures and neighborhoods in Venice. To engage in activities that will promote the preservation and enhancement of the unique historic features of Venice.
(310) 967-5170. [email protected] www.venicehistoricalsociety.org/

Venice Media District–The brainchild of Ravenswork Studios’ owner, Robert Feist, the Venice Media District has been created “in response to the changing business landscape” in the beachside community. “The scope and quality of work coming from this area is exceptional and branding the area as the ‘Venice Media District’ is a long time coming,” commented Feist. “The history of filmmaking and media production goes back to the early 1900’s when Venice was called ‘Hollywood by the Sea,’ and now encompasses everything from hand crafted work of local artists to digital effects for major motion pictures. ”According to Feist, the Venice Media District has very specific goals:
• Create networking opportunities and business-to-business awareness.
• Raise awareness of the VMD through city designation and promotion
• Attract business & entrepreneurs to the area.
• Create a vehicle for non-profits to access the assets of the VMD
Member companies for the Venice Media District range from casting, directorial offices, production, editorial, music, sound design, animation, voice acting, special effects, graphic design and photography.
The “Venice Media District” is a standing committee of the “Venice Chamber of Commerce” and operates under it’s auspice and 501 non-profit status. Venice Media District: bringing the creative companies of Venice together. For more info visit http://www.venicemediadistrict.org.

Venice Neighborhood Council – We are governed by state and local laws and assisted by the City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment.
(310) 606-2015. [email protected] www.grvnc.org

Venice Peace & Freedom Party – Founded in Venice, the P&F spread across the state in 1967. It is an official ballot-status political party. We are committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. We represent the working class, those without capital in a capitalist society. We organize toward a world where cooperation replaces competition, a world where all people are well fed, clothed and housed; where all women and men have equal status; where all individuals may freely endeavor to fulfill their own talents and desires; a world of freedom and peace where every community retains its cultural integrity and lives with all others in harmony.
(310) 399-2215 [email protected] www.freevenice.org

Venice Public Art Walls-In Creative Unity (The Grafitti Walls)
ICU Art is a Venice based art organization that has been curating the Venice Art Walls since the year 2000. ICU Art is a protector of the walls and helped to save the walls from destruction in 1999 when the Venice Pavilion structure was torn down as part of the Oceanfront Walk refurbishment. As an advocate for graffiti artist and public art in general, ICU Art has developed a broad-based network of artists and support personnel to work on issues and projects related to various forms of public art.
(310) 309-7756. [email protected] http://veniceartwalls.com

Venice Rotary Club–Rotary is an organization of business, professional, and community leaders united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. http://www.clubrunner.ca/CPrg/Home/homeD.asp?cid=2545

Venice Skills Center – classes are designed for participants who seek to acquire a vocational skill, upgrade their current skills or master minimum competencies which will increase their marketability. We welcome adult students who can benefit from the programs offered as well as minors (students 16-18 years of age) who have been accepted into the Alternative Education and Work Center.
(310)664-5820. www.lausd.net/Venice_Skills_Center

Venice Surf and Skateboard Assocation–The Venice Surf & Skateboard Association (VSA) was officially formed in 2000 as the infamous Venice Pavilion was torn down by the city of L.A. The Venice Surf & Skateboard Association was formed by Venice Surf-A-Thon founder, Todd Gessel.

The VSA’s mission is to maintain our world class skatepark at Venice Beach, CA. To keep the park a healthy, safe space; free of graffiti, litter and debris. We are expanding our programming to better serve and unite our community. The Venice Surf & Skateboard Association aims to reach out to the youth in the Venice community through educational programs, mentoring and community involvement. Your donations allow Venice Surf & Skateboard Association to expand our educational programming, outreach, and advocacy, thereby helping to enhance the quality of life in our community.  For more info, visit   http://www.venicesurfandskateboardassociation.org/

Venice Town Council – a grassroots organization that was dormant for the past 15 years, until revived in 2008. It is a grassroots, town hall style governing body of the City of Venice. All Venetians are eligible to speak and vote. It meets every second Friday. For more information: [email protected]www.cityofvenice.wordpress.com

Venice Unchained–Is a non profit organization dedicated to passing a city ordinance that will ban formula retail stores from Abbot Kinney and Ocean Front Walk.
Venice has largely been spared the blight of cookie-cutter stores that is homogenizing Main Streets across America. But now that Venice is thriving and real estate has skyrocketed, the corporations are circling, and Pinkberry has already landed. www.veniceunchained.org

Vera Davis Mc Clendon/Oakwood Youth and Family Center – Services at the center include adult/child mentoring, case/care management for at risk families, clothing, computer classes, family and individual counseling, health screening, job search/placement, occasional emergency food assistance, parenting skills development, recreational activities for youth, specialized information and referral for off-site social services and tutorial services. Agencies supported by CDD funds provide counseling programs, case management programs, child care and early childhood programs, day labor programs, dental treatment, domestic violence programs, medical services, mental health treatment, shelters, traffic safety programs.(310)305-1865

Join Westminster Schools
‘ Endowment Group” or like “WE Garden” and please visit our school websites:


Women in Recovery, Inc. – provides a twelve-step oriented sober living program for chemically dependent. (310)821-6401



01.11.09 Remembering Sponto. Beach Memorial. Sponto Gallery 7 Dudley Avenue

All photos by Venice Paparazzi  Edizen Stowell.  Venice Paparazzi.  www.venicepaparazzi.com

An insert taken from our local newspaper the Beachhead. Insert was written by Suzy Williams
“On December 28, our beloved Mark “Sponto” Kornfeld, died in the gallery that he had created – Sponto’s – at 7 Dudley Avenue. This hadbeen a space in which every Venetian felt at home during the last 24 years. Sponto died of an apparent heart attack. He had come in the afternoon, left his keys in the outside door, and had begun to run a shower, which was still running six hours later when his body was found. He had complained to friends of having chest pain the previous week. Born Mark Kornfeld in Glen Cove, New York, on August 29, 1949, he was only 59 years old.” – Suzy Williams

January 11th For more on Sponto, check out a copy of the January 2009 Beachhead http://freevenice.org/Beachhead/Jan2009/Beachhead-color.pdf————————–


Please send the name,  description and website of your organization to [email protected]  Thank you.

Venice beach food and dining — Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch Locations On Weekends

Breakfast, brunch or lunch locations during the weekends in Venice.

Here are some of our local Venice Beach food and dining picks for weekends.

Brickhouse Kitchen:  Where the locals eat!  Indoor and outdoor patio. Huge variety and large portions.  .
826 Hampton Ave.  |  brickhousevenice.com  |  310.581.1639

Cabo Cantina. Cabo Cantina is the ultimate sports event and pay-per-view fight destination with giant frothy margaritas, a fire pit, outdoor patio & tasty mexican favorites. Open 11am – 2am daily     $9.95 Bottomless Mimosa’s & Bloody Mary’s Fri – Sun.

Check out all of Cabo Cantina’s neighborhood specials.
30 Washington Blvd.  |   thecabocantina.com  | 310.306.2500

Danny’s Venice:  An eclectic eatery offering a mix of California cuisine & comfort food favorites.  Open from 11am – 2am daily. Breakfast served til’ 3pm.   Kitchen closes at  1am. Bar open ‘til 2am.  Home of the original 1906 Venice Gondola & Rip Cronk’s “Hobnobbing in Venice” mural.   $3 Mimosas & $5 Bloody Marys all day Saturday and Sunday at Danny’s
23 Windward Ave.  |  dannysvenice.com | 310.566.5610
Dry Tour :  Dry Tour offers a fresh, seasonally changing menu featuring everything from shareable plates and a potato bar to gourmet Paninis, cheese & charcuterie plates, and decadent desserts. Our wine list showcases both boutique California wines and vintages from around the globe. We also offer hand-crafted cocktails and premium beers.
80 Windward Ave.  Venice, CA 90291   |     310.399.8811   |    www.drytour.com

Dry Tour’s Sunday Funday. $8 Homemade Bloody Mary, Pomegranate Margarita, El Capitan and The JZ . Noon – 7 p.m.

Dry Tour’s Sangria Saturdays. Sangria – $8. Noon to 7pm

Figtree’s Cafe:  Boardwalk patio dining!   Figtree’s Cafe and Grill offers Happy hour breakfast from 8 – 9 a.m. daily  -50% OFF entire menu & non-alcoholic beverages. Figtree is another great place to people watch on the Venice Boardwalk.
429 Oceanfront Walk   |  figtreescafe.com |  310. 392.4983
French Market Cafe:   Traditional French food and style.  A gourmet food and wine store and a kitchen/café.  Open for breakfast Mon- Fri.  7am-    5pm &  Sat.- Sun. 8am-5pm.
2321 Abbot Kinney Blvd.  |  frenchmarket-cafe.com  |  310. 577.9775
James Beach:  Cocktails & Dining “Beach Style.”  Try their Mexican breakfast  and bloody Mary.   Saturday & Sunday brunch.  Outdoor patio and indoor seating available. Menu features a wide variety of seafood, meat and vegetarian items. Beautiful outdoor patio. Home of the “I Love You Man” fish tacos.
Sat & Sun Brunch. 11:00am – 3:00pm
Lunch: 11:30 to 3pm W-F. Weekend brunch 11am – 3pm. Bar open  ‘til 2am.
60 North Venice Blvd.   |  jamesbeach.com  |  310.823-5396  


Larry’s:  26 draft beers, food, global wines & outdoor patio. Sun-Thurs 11:30am -12am & Fri & Sat 11:30 am – 1am.  24 Windward Ave.   |   larrysvenice.com   |   310.399.2700

Nikki’s:  Sports bar with a party!  Daily happy hour:  1/2 price on select apps, drafts, well and house wine.  Extended happy hour on Friday:  4 – 9pm.   Satellite sports packages shown here.  Late night dining ‘til 1am. Open M-F at 4pm. Open weekends at 10am for $6 breakfast menu and $3 bloody mary’s & mimosas.  All day Sports on 7 big Screens
72 Market Street. |   nikkivenice.com  |  310.450-3010


Mercedes’ Grille.  Cuban fusion cuisine.  Outdoor patio. Open 7:30 am daily.
Free freshly baked muffins served before breakfast.  Also, note Mercede herself handpicks the flowers that are your table from the Farmer’s Market every Friday.   www.mercedesgrille.com.    14 Washington Blvd. |   | 310.827.6209

The Sidewalk Cafe. Located on the Venice Boardwalk at Venice Beach, the Sidewalk Cafe is an ideal location to eat, drink and people watch. Serving a variety of American, Mexican and Italian cuisine, in addition to signature drinks from the full bar, Sidewalk Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  20% off  your bill from 8-11 am/pm with this list!

1401 Ocean Front Walk  Venice, CA 90291   (310) 399-5547 www.thesidewalkcafe.com


Venice Beach Wines:  Wine bar features extensive wine collection, small plates of farm-to-table cheeses, charcuterie, paninis. $15 lunch specials 11:30am  -4pm.    Weekend brunch 9am.
529 Rose Ave.  | venicebeachwines.com   |  310 606 2529

Venice Flake: The cheap and cheerful neighborhood bacon hut!  Cereal, organic coffee, panini, salads and wraps.  Open daily 7am-3:30pm.
513 Rose Ave.  | veniceflake.com   |  310 .396.2333

Venice Ale House:  Featuring organic, local, sustainable fare & 28 regional beers on tap, including Venice Beach’s first craft brew, Venice Hi Hop Extra Pale Ale. This local hangout is unparalleled for beachside people watching, sunset viewing & eclectic music.  The =V= is ‘Changing the World One Pint At a Time’.
2 Rose Ave. (on the Venice Boardwalk)  |   VeniceAlehouse.com  |  310.314.8253


Whole Foods:   All natural & organic groceries, prepared foods court, meat grilling/smoking service, juice/coffee bar, wine bar, events, & more!
225 Lincoln Blvd. /  wholefoodsmarket.com/  310.566.9480


Cafe Collage:  Open at 6:30 am daily with:  coffee, specialty coffees, teas, smoothies, soups, sandwiches, wraps, bagels, baked goods and more.  Neighborhood Special: Cafe Collage is offering 75 cent refills.
1518 Pacific Ave.  |  310.399.0632
Fruit Gallery.  Smoothies, wraps, juices, salads, wheatgrass, coconuts, raw, vegan, dairy & gluten  free food.
15% off juice, smoothies, and food. Now serving raw food!
1 Westminster Ave. |  fruitgalleryofvenice.com  |  310.452.3034
Schulzies Bread Pudding and Coffee:  An old fashion favorite – re-invented in 108 different bread pudding flavors. Open at 7am daily. Outdoor patio on the Venice boardwalk.  Also serving Blue Bottle drip coffee, specialty coffees, teas, baked goods & waffles. As seen on the Food Network.
1827 Oceanfront  Walk |  schulziesbreadpudding.com  |   510.Pudding  __________________________________________
The Cow’s End:  Family owned since 1989.  Open from 6 am to 10 pm weekdays and  ‘til 11pm weekends.  Coffee, sandwich & smoothie bar, salads and baked goods.
34 Washington Blvd.   |    thecowsendcafe.com     |   310.574.1080 


Let us know if we missed your favorite Venice breakfast or brunch location.  You can leave your comments below.  Thanks.

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