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The Venice Beach Boardwalk


All photos by Venice Paparazzi  Edizen Stowell.  Venice Paparazzi.  www.venicepaparazzi.com

ADMISSION FEE: Free to the public



FOR MORE INFO: Venice Recreation and Parks. 310.396.6764 or 310.399.2775

ABOUT: The World famous Venice Beach Boardwalk is not to be missed. If you are visiting the Los Angeles area, you owe it to yourself to come to Southern California’s number one visitor attraction. Stretching about one a half miles along the manicured sands of the Pacific Ocean, the boardwalk is a large part of what makes Venice unique. On the west side of the “walk” are hundreds of street vendors and performers. You can see everything from break-dancing to broken glass walking. Mimes to musicians, jugglers to jesters and everything in between make up the human landscape. You can have your fortune read, get a temporary tattoo or have your name written on a grain of rice. If souvenirs is what you are after then the boardwalk is the place to go. The Westside offers unique arts and crafts, odds and ends and one of kinds only obtainable here. Paintings, photos, rocks of various sorts and sculptures are among the popular offerings. On the Eastside are the store fronts of the boardwalk. Here you will find every sort of t-shirt under the sun. From the politically motivated to sexually charged to the plain old Venice Beach t-shirt there is sure to be one for everybody. In addition, there are tattoo and piercing stores, skate and surf shops, medical marijuana dispensaries and more. You can buy sun glasses, vaporizers, beer and shoes. This is all in addition to the large selection of restaurants, juice spots and bars. In summary, packed into its one and a half mile, the boardwalk has more diversity in demographics and retail then probably anywhere else in the world. There is reason it so famous. Come and see for yourself!


Additional info from Wikipedia. This 2.5 kilometer boardwalk has a bike path, rollerskaters and skateboard ramps, restaurants, sunglasses, and plenty of tourists. Venice beach is famous for muscle beach, where body builders work out. California Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out on Muscle Beach and made Gold’s Gym famous in the 1980s.

Visitor survivor tip: Bring plenty of $1 dollar bills when you walk along the Venice Beach Boardwalk. If you watch an entire performer’s show or appreciate an artist’s work, please leave a tip. They work very hard to make your stay enjoyable at Venice Beach.


For more info, visit http://www.veniceartcrawl.com


  • charles.wallace

    I was raised in Venice Beach, in the 50’s and 60’s when it was nice and peaceful. The Ocean Park Pier. But today you couldn’t pay me enough to live there, it’s a zoo.

  • George Vreeland Hill

    The boardwalk is kind of a freak show, but then, I like crazy things.

    George Vreeland Hill

    • Turkey Boy

      There is a freak show on the Venice Boardwalk.

      • Dr Fever

        Yes, the two headed turtle, etc., right in front of the Jerde building. What other beach anywhere has what Venice has?

  • Turkey Boy

    turkey boy gonna represent real quick. let you know that venice beach is a real cool joint to roll through. take it easy in your cars riding through these allies, nobody tryna get run over, plus, where you going in a hurry? relax cuz.

  • usapatriotsshout

    Very Venice is a book about the transition of Venice Beach from the ’70’s to the ’90’s. II wrote it and included over fifty of my drawings and paintings of the Ocean Front Characters and artists. There lots of photos and many unknown great stories about life at the beach. you can go to my website to purchase the book. theresedaniels.com

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